Strong code protection

Reliable protection

Appfuscator — smart .NET obfuscator. It provides a really complex approach to protection of your applications.

Good ratio of SaaS

Good ratio

Access according to SaaS model enables you not to spend money on purchase of expensive obfuscators and pay for performed work only.

Smart code analizing algorithm

Smart algorithm

Automatic recognition of WPF-binding, reflection and other complex cases which minimizes the whole work on adjustment.

Why Appfuscator is what you need?

Appfuscator is smart protection of your .NET applications. Our .NET obfuscator combines a complex approach to protection, easy adjustment and access according to SaaS model which enables to decrease the expenses on your intellectual property protection.

We applied the following principle in the process of development: "The user should never put his/her mind to the tasks which may be solved by the program for him/her".

Therefore our .NET obfuscation core includes an intellectual algorithm of processing of such complex cases as binding in WPF or exclusion of the types used as CustomMarshaler by name and other similar cases.

obfuscation client

Obfuscator client program

For your convenience, we have developed Appfuscator Client. Now you do not need to go to the website and re-enter obfuscation settings for your asseblies, Appfuscator Client will do everything for you

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