Intellectual Property Protection

The Internet enables to distribute any digital information instantly and almost free of charge. The software industry has been fighting with the piracy since the time when PC appeared. Nowadays the piracy is a serious problem for any person who wants to get remuneration for his/her work. And today the piracy is a serious global problem because the Internet has no boundaries.

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When is .NET used?

When .NET platform appeared, it enabled to solve many problems related to the process of development of user applications for Windows, as well as for their publishing, tracing and deployment. When the universal platform appeared, obvious contradictions between the capabilities which are expected from a programming language and those capabilities which may be included directly into an application under development lost their urgency.

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What is Visual Studio .NET required for?

Visual Studio occupies a special position of honour among many software development products. In this article we shall try to clarify what Visual Studio is and for what use scripts it is meant.

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Appfuscator. Client program v.2.7

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