About the Project

Appfuscator is a powerful code protector and obfuscator of .NET applications. It is an optimal solution for protection of your intellectual property combining a range of absolutely new protection algorithms, automatic code analyzing and favourable pricing policy.


A developer manufacturing commercial applications on .NET platform will face the following problems

Easiness of .NET decompilation
A program written in any .NET language may be easily decompilated. And not only the class structure, but also almost a full source program code may be restored out of the resulting assembly. Dishonest competitors may use this situation for stealing your ideas and know-how, and hackers may use it for removal of licensing restrictions from the program.
Complicated settings
The majority of obfuscators require thorough manual adjustment (of course, if you obfuscate not “Hello World”). This process may take a lot of time and efforts, and sometimes it may include monotonous inclusion and exclusion of classes of your program into and out of the obfuscation process. Taking into account that the issues of protection are usually solved immediately before release of a product, it turns into a catastrophic problem when the time presses and the clients rush you. Moreover, if you make adjustment which is not sufficiently thorough or if you forget to check some program functions after obfuscation, you may meet new unknown errors added by the obfuscator itself.
Heavy expenses on protection
The majority of .NET obfuscators cost a lot of money. Their purchase is not profitable for private developers and small software companies. As for free obfuscators, they cost nothing and are capable of nothing, except simple renaming operations, and therefore the benefits of using them are rather nominal. Moreover, even many paid obfuscators fail to provide a sufficient level of protection.


Understanding these problems well, we have launched an absolutely new product
which will provide reliable protection of your intellectual property.

Powerful protection mechanism
We gave a lot of attention to creation of the core of our service – a set of code protection mechanisms. The whole range of original mechanisms and know-how was created. Many of these mechanisms and know-how are unique and do not have any analogs with the competitors. If you want to know how all these things work in more detail, read the section: Protection Mechanisms
Favourable pricing policy
You will not have to pay several thousand USD for purchase of packaged versions of popular obfuscators. We provide our obfuscator on SaaS model basis, thereby you will be able to pay only for the volume of work which you personally need. Please read the information about SaaS advantages and our price options
Automatic settings
We focused on a code intellectual analyzer in the process of development. In our opinion, obfuscation should be as simple as program compilation for an end user, and that is why we minimized manual work on adjustment. Our algorithms are able to detect reflection calls, WPF bindings and many other complex technologies independently, and moreover, they are able not only to exclude them from renaming, but also to rename them correctly together with all links in a source program code.
Free version
A free version of our .NET obfuscator which does not have any limitations as to the periods of use is available for all our users and surpasses any other non-commercial solutions significantly.

Do not believe? Sign up and Appfuscator will protect you programs, it is absolutly free of charge.
Also you can download Appfuscator client and start working right now.


We take an issue of your data protection very seriously.

You will not have to send source codes and, particularly, resources, graphics and other parts of your application to the server. You send only the assemblies which are already compiled, and in the form in which your users would see them if you didn’t obfuscate them. We take all necessary security steps and guarantee that the data transmitted by you to our server will never be employed by anybody or disclosed to third parties. We are a legal entity and ready to provide you with all necessary documents such as the Agreement for Use of our service and Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

We also offer individual consultations and assistance on the issues of your software protection. Just contact us.

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