What is Visual Studio .NET required for?

Visual Studio occupies a special position of honour among many software development products. In this article we shall try to clarify what Visual Studio is and for what use scripts it is meant.

First of all, it should be noted that Visual Studio is not only a text editor – it is the so-called platform for creation, compilation, debugging and distribution of own programs and software products (Integrated Development Environment, or IDE in short). From the point of view of beginning programmers, Visual Studio has all necessary functional capabilities which enable to communicate with a user and/or programmer without any special skills friendly.

However acquaintance with Visual Studio interface via memorizing the location of buttons is not sufficient for the use of this software tool to the fullest extent and for implementation of all functional features integrated in it. One of the applied high-level programming languages such as C# and VB.NET should be studied as well. And only after that development of software products will be possible, and the whole variety and range of integrated functions and capabilities will be available to you.

And now we shall speak about the following question: “In what cases should Visual Studio be used?” In fact, this program is a platform for creation, debugging, testing and publishing of other programs.

First of all, it enables to create other programs on the basis of .NET platform (and other technologies) via using high-level programming languages (such as C# and VB.NET). Visual Studio also provides connection to various databases and sources on remote servers.

The next stage is fixing of bugs (debugging) which occur in created programs with the use of a program-integrated convenient debugger. A programmer has an opportunity to disassemble a source code in details, and the program, in turn, will highlight the wrong entered combination.

Testing of a debugged program and removal of diagnosed errors and contradictions are performed further at software product development. And finally a developer has an opportunity to publish a created software product using IDE Visual Studio and .NET environment tools.

Intelligent hints, automatic code completion, syntax highlighting, instant code formatting and refactoring are always available to .NET programmer. All these tools enable to increase the efficiency and ease of development significantly.


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