Advantages of SaaS

Instead of buying a packaged obfuscator for 1000-3.000 USD, you simply buy access to online obfuscation service and pay for it in the volume which you personally need.

It there any need to pay a lot of money, if you, for example, launch a small packaged product for a specific market of users with an interval, let’s say, once in several months? In this case purchase of an expensive obfuscator will not be profitable for you. However you should not neglect the issues of protection even in this situation.

Even though your product may be not so popular today as to be an aim of attacks of hackers and competitors, it is worth thinking about is beforehand. Otherwise, when you become aware of the issue of protection, you undergo a risk of seeing how broken old versions of your programs are available everywhere on the Internet. Therefore we recommend you to perform obfuscation before each release of a new version to the public access.

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