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We guarantee that the data transmitted by you to our server will never be used by anybody or disclosed to third parties. For protecting your intelligent property we use a lot of security measures:

  • Obfuscation processing at separated, absolutly isolated machine.
  • You should not send to us source codes of your programs. You send only compiled assemblies.
  • To protect from SQL injection and Cross-site scripting we use a reliable program platform that filter input data before process it, and ORM framework that guarantees from injection on architecture level.
  • To protect from your data by Man-in-the-middle attack site is available by SSL protocol that guarantees reliable ecription.
  • We often do Penetration test. Also we use special software and services of outside security experts.
  • We strictly regulating the rights of employees in company to eliminate the risk of internal leaks of information. Nobody of the staff has direct access to obfuscation service.
  • We are a legal entity and ready to provide you with all necessary documents such as the Agreement for Use of our service and Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and other necessary documents.

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